Finance on autopilot

Substairs puts your finances on autopilot in your home owners association / community. Fully transparent for everyone and there’s a lot of money to be saved too.

all documents in one place

No more searching for documents in e-mail, private folders and binders.

pay bills

Pay bills directly from our solution and handle your expense reports in one go!

financial overview

Get a full financial overview on a day-to-day basis including all bank transactions. Fully transparent for every home owner

annual reports 2.0

No more waiting for the accountant to finish the annual report. Get your report in real-time!

frequently asked questions

Substairs puts your HOA’s finances on autopilot.

Every home owner enjoys a full and transparent overview of their own account in addition to the overall financial performance of the association. Everything is automated – including the annual report.

Documentation and communication with other home owners are kept in one place, so even new home owners will get a full history of events.

Every home owner gets access to both communication and financial information.

We’re home owners ourselves and we found e-mail and paper-based financial statements from busy accountant to be cumbersome, slow and error-prone. So we decided to make a change!

If you’re into React, React Native, Node.js, AWS, C#, .NET Core, Azure and think FinTech is exciting, then please say hi 🙂

What do our clients say?

"Why hasn't this been done before? This will just be the way to do it."
Cashier - HOA
"This is really clever. Everything is in one place and no need to wait for the accountant again."
Chairman - HOA